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This body of work is dealing with the theme of movement on water. Trapped sky is a project I created looking at sections of inland water. Water is energy, it is ever changing and moving. I like the idea that water is translocal, existing and moving between locations. It is not one place or another, but its own. Water can represent boundaries, being a physical barrier between places. I view these sections of inland water as captive and isolated, longing to be free. The reflections sitting on the surface of the water is trapped also. Through this work I have spent hours capturing something that we cannot see in real life. The movement on the surface of the water I capture only exists for a split second and then it moves and changes and dissolves into something else. I have tried to create something to stop in time and allow the viewer to meditate on it.

The main medium I use is oil paint on stretched canvas. The work begins for me when I take photos of the moving water. I go to a body of water and I interact with it. I throw a rock or a stick into the water and capture the distorted reflections sitting on the surface. My exchange with the water is what I later paint.

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