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Áine Osborne is a Dublin based artist. She has completed a BA in Art in IADT with first class honours (2023). She has been painting from a very young age, making her first oil paintings at just eight years old. The artist has always had an interest in the materiality of paint and has been honing her painting skills on a more serious level since 2019 as she began her studies at IADT. Áine’s work explores themes relating to the natural world, the passing of time and the relationship between art and labour. She explores these themes through large scale oil paintings, experimenting with abstraction. Her colour field paintings are immersive in scale, with careful attention to colour mixing. Áine has recently completed an internship in Madragoa, Lisbon. Recent exhibitions include MHC Annual Art Exhibition, Mason Hayes & Curran (2023), Small Things Like These,  LHQ Gallery (2023), Exchanges, DIVA (2023), IADT student exhibition In the Making: Butter, Pallas Projects (2023) and, On Show, IADT (2023).

The Duck Pond Detail
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