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On Show

Áine Osborne


May 2023


The materiality of paint intrigues me. You can’t predict how paint will respond, it has a life of its own. I have explored this through large scale paintings studying light and movement, specifically on the surface of water. I interact with the water and my exchange is what I paint. This developed into a series of paintings studying maintenance. Approaching the subject with the material being my focus, I studied images taken inside the Garden House in IMMA. I’m  interested in what the relationship is between work and art work. This interest stemmed from my fathers work, specifically his involvement in the restoration in IMMA in 1988. Here he restored the roof of the Garden House.


I want to create something immersive, like you’re almost in it. I’ve developed this work responding to my personal attachment to colour. My way of understanding is through doing. With these blue series, I threw myself into the blue. The red work for me feels like a moment in time. The dusty red hue of this work is nostalgic, it doesn’t reference danger or warning. 

Online publication of my graduate exhibition On Show: Aine Osborne - IADT On Show

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On Show

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